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Coro Global Inc. seeks to enhance shareholder value through exceptional business performance and practices, as well as through responsible and effective communication with its shareholders. On this page you can find the latest company information relevant to the individual and institutional investors. It includes stock price and history, official financial documents, upcoming events and presentations. Coro Global Inc. is traded on the OTCQB under the ticker symbol CGLO.

Company & Product

Coro Global, Inc. (OTCQB:CGLO)

Coro Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Coro Global, Inc., created to manage the operations and market the company’s first FinTech solution, the Coro Mobile App (CORO).

CORO is a mobile application that allows customers to exchange between U.S. dollars (USD) and gold (XAU) as well as send and receive instant transfers in both currencies.

CORO is offered through Coro Corp. – a subsidiary of Coro Global Inc. – which operates pursuant to both Federal and State money transmission regulations. Coro Corp has already been registered as a money service business with the US Treasury department and is in the process of filing for multiple state money transmission licenses throughout the United States. Following licensure and launch in the US, the Company will pursue money transmission licenses in foreign countries such as Mexico and Canada. In the US, Coro Corp. operates as a money transmitter under 31 CFR § 1010.100(ff)(5)(i)(A) and does not market or sell investments in gold.


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